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Co-Investment Atrium Payment Page

Co-Investment Atrium


A 3 hour long private session with a dozen investors

Presentation at the GILC Co-Investment Atrium

Cost $5000

$2500 (partial payment) 


Recommended participation for fundraisers who are serious and want to grow their business by finding business partners and investors.


A project or a fund is presented to a dozen vetted investors at the Co-Investing Atrium of the Global Investment Leaders Club.


1. The teaser of your investment offer is being sent out to the community of investors interested in your sector (without any confidential data);

2. After investors confirm their interest and capacity to invest in your project over a dozen investors are invited to see your presentation within the Co-Investing Atrium of the Global Investment Leaders Club;

3. You present your project to all attending investors and answer their questions;

4. You can bring your expert team and current investors, who can participate in the discussion and answer the questions of investors;

5. During the final round of the Atrium, investors form their opinions and confirm their interest of investing and/or supporting your company growth with additional connections, clients, technologies and many more;

6. You meet with several interested investors on the spot;

7. You get everyone’s contact information for a proper follow up;

8. You get funded!


Find the right decision-makers to connect with

We believe that establishing business relationships should be very easy and quick.